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Herpes zoster or shingles can affect people of all ages, not just the elderly. The primary goal in the treatment of shingles is the reduction of pain and avoidance of further complications. Those suffering from shingles experience painful eruptions of blister-like rashes, which might recur without treatment. The best hope for shortening the duration of pain after shingles is early diagnosis and treatment with antiviral medications. Early diagnosis and treatment of shingles is very important for adults over 50. Early treatment of shingles is important, because the possible complications can be serious, including post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN) , and resistance to antibiotic treatment. Two basic approaches to Herpes zoster treatment are:

  • traditional medical treatment, for details, click here
  • alternative treatments, using a variety of techniques
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Herbal Shingles Treatment
Eastern medicine employs a number of hands-on methods in the treatment of shingles. There are a few possibly useful natural topical treatments obtainable. A small amount of organic all-natural treatments have the substantiated ability to inactivate and safely destroy the shingles virus, as supported by published medical studies. Plant extract-based natural shingles treatments don't have side effects.

Medical Shingles Treatment
Patients on acyclovir (Zovirax®) must start treatment within 72 hours of the onset of the shingles rash. The endorsed dose of acyclovir for the treatment of shingles is 800 mg five times/day for seven to 10 days. Valtrex is a different antiviral agent widely used in the care of herpes zoster (shingles) and genital herpes. Labeled dosing of Valtrex for the care of shingles is two 500 mg caplets three times daily for seven days. Famvir and Valtrex are second-generation oral and intravenous antiviral prescription drugs for the treatment of genital herpes, chicken pox and shingles.

Natural Cures for Shingles
Shingles could affect individuals of all ages, not just the elderly. The main intention in the treatment of shingles is the reduction of pain and avoidance of additional complications. Sometimes, early treatment might limit the time period of the shingles outbreak, but doesn't always guarantee a quick recovery. The risk of developing shingles is greater with persons who have conditions or are undergoing medical treatments that weaken their immune systems. As soon as you are diagnosed with shingles, your health professional probably will commence treatment with antiviral medications.

Shingles Rash & Treatment
At the present time, foscarnet (Foscavir®) is the most common treatment for acyclovir-resistant shingles. Today's treatments give a variety of ways to shorten the time period of a shingles outbreak and to control the associated pain. Zostavax is not a treatment for shingles or postherpetic neuralgia, but instead a vaccine. Just recently, FermaVir's proprietary shingles treatment compound FV-100 (in FDA review) is alleged to be 10,000 times more potent than presently endorsed shingles drug treatments.

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